• A common thread dvd

is an action documentary showcase the lives and talents of a diverse group of surfers throughout the world. From the perfect rights at Jeffrey's Bay to the shifty pits at Pipeline. It follows various characters from top professionals to the surfing stockbrokers.

Starring: Rob Machado, Taylor Easley, Simon Nicholson, Keij Campbell, Ian Walsch, Az Quinn, CJ Kanuka and Shane Dorian.

Featuring: Chad Campbell, Cully Chestnut, Darieus Legg, Peter Nicholson, Travis Logi, Sean Holmes, Taj Burrow, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Conan Hayes,Jordy Brough, Casey Brown, Tonino Benson, Jared Willaford, Andy Irons, Tory Barron, Tamayo Perry, Braden Dias and Bruce Irons

A common thread dvd

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